Hunger of Darkness

Become a hungry dangerous zombie!

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What is game about?

Hunger of Darkness is open world game. You are zombie and your main goal is survive as long as you can! For survive you must explore the city and satisfy your hunger by eating other people. Some of them all unarmed, other will be fighting with you. In the beginning, character is hidden. But after time your actions will be warns police forces. When they are sure of your existence you have to survive waves of enemies until you die!

The game is based on our previous minigame - you can try it here.

How far is currently the development?

We are still in the beginning of development. We have basics of the city but graphics (especially characters) is still in the draft. We working on AI and gameplay elements, which are missing for working prototype. We are creating the game in our free time, so it will still take some time. But we will be very glad to share the full development of the game!


Making of Hunger of Darkness #5 - Concept of the city parkMaking of Hunger of Darkness #4 - Graveyard and pavementsMaking of Hunger of Darkness #3 - Animations, pedestrian and noise indicatorMaking of Hunger of Darkness #2 - Slime decals and environmentMaking of Hunger of Darkness #1 - basic character and shooting